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Higher Self Readings/ Channeling is one of the most incredible form of reading because the messages that come through are directly from you and your higher self, spirit guides, ascended masters, etc. across all time and space. Adapting this modality and partnering it with other healing modalities allows for current steps, relieving energy blockages, providing next steps and ending unhealthy patterns. The outcomes are specifically formulated for you at this very moment in your growth, healing and journey. It is designed to help you advance from the energy or position you are currently in to where you would like to be, by giving you guidance on getting there. There is often no specific direction taken during these readings it is directed by what your guides specifically believe you need to be working on or hearing at that specific time.

If you are feeling stuck in life, or unsure about anything these are an excellent source of readings to help you get from where you are to where you truly want to be. As well as what you may need to work on to over come what it is that is holding you back. Allowing yourself to open up to this kind of reading will not only be incredibly informative but a wonderful and sometimes eye opening experience.

How My Readings Work:
* Purchase a reading through my shop- contact me to set up a date and time that will work accordingly for both of us to have a phone call/ or zoom chat. These calls are recorded and emailed directly to you (should you choose).For the sole purpose of you to have for your records and to listen back on. As there can be a lot of information coming through and that can be a lot to process all at once.
* Once we have set up a time for the reading, an email, phone number and full name as appears on passport/ drivers license is required in order to complete the reading.
* 1 hour to 30 minutes before our reading begins I will channel in your Higher Self and Guides to bring me messages you need to hear that time. As well as the guidance and direction to help you with your next steps.
* I am fluent with many modalities of healing and reading, depending on the information being received will determine the exact course of action to be taken during your reading. It can include (but not limited to) rune spreads, oracle card spreads, chanting, mantra's, sounds bathing, energetic healing, pendulum work, and blockage removal. 
* During the call you are free to ask questions from what has been brought forth for you that day.
* Once the call is complete I disconnect from your higher self and you will be emailed your recording. You are free to ask as many questions via email for the following 24 hours regarding anything that has come up during your reading.

*** There is NO physical item to ship- it is a verbal phone call, as well as an emailed recording of our call***

  • Available in U.S. and Canada- because all service and programs can be done via distance healing or online via zoom or FaceTime. All Forms Of Communication And Correspondence Are Only Offered In English Currently

  • As this is a Service- you will need to contact us to discuss and book  time to have the service preformed. 

  • Additional Costs may be incurred due to travel for in person sessions. Contact us for travel pricing if you are looking for hands on healing and or clearing. 






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