Sweetgrass Smudge Wand

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Sweetgrass Smudge Wand: Sweetgrass is used for healing, purification, and to infuse positive energy.

  • 20.5cm (8”) long
  • 1cm (.5”) thick  




- Purifying

- Removes Negative Energy

- Infuses Positive Energy

- Reinforces Manifesting And  Intention Setting

- Cleansing Objects, People, Or Spaces

- Improved Mood

- Alleviate Stress

- Improved Sleep

- Increased Sense of well-being 

- Improving Mental Focus And Clarity

Step 1:

Completely Ground Yourself Then Clear Your Mind And Then Your Space 

You want to be 100% focused and engaged in the ritual/ ceremony you are going to embark on, have your mind and space clear of clutter and distractions.

Step 2:

Gather Your Supplies 

You will need: 

1. Abalone Shell (or fireproof bowl) 

2. Your Smudge Herbs

3. Matches or a Lighter

4. Feather or a Fan for directing the smoke

Step 3:

Decide On Your Intentions Or Prayer/Mantra You Will Be Using 

Having this ready for your ritual/ceremony allows for a more enjoying and dynamic experience. There are some provided below you can use, or you can set your own

Step 4:

Open Any Windows Or Doors In the Space You Are Smudging 


This allows for the old cleared energies to be removed, and new or "fresh" energies to come in.

Step 5:


Light the Bundle or Smudge Ingredients with the Match, remember you are not overly concerned with the flame it is the smoke you are using so if the flame burns out but is still smouldering that is perfectly ok, on the other hand if the flame is burning to quickly GENTLY extinguish it via damping, let the bundle or herbs smoulder- the idea is to get nice curls/ billows of smoke.

Step 6:

The Ritual/Ceremony 

 Using the curls/ billows of smoke you are going to begin your ceremony. 

Be prepared and comfortable with your prayer/ mantra. 

As you begin you are going to hold you intentions and vibrations high.

 You will be carrying the shell (or bowl), smudge stick and fan with you through the entire process. When fanning smoke it is important to be using calm, smooth movements. 

Step 7:

Getting To It 

 Begin By Smudging Yourself: 

 1. Start by directing smoke to you eyes to clear your vision 

 2. Then your mouth to ensure you speak only kind words 

3. Then heart to open your ability to love unconditionally 

4. Pass the smoke over my body both front and back- if you have a physical issue or feel negativity in one of your chakras or aura, pay special attention to these areas 

5. Always keep your intention of clearing negativity, and filling yourself with peace, love and light in your mind OR what ever intention/prayer 

6. Move to the four directions starting with the East. Then, turning clockwise, offer to the South, again turning, to the West and then again to the North Also offer the smoke downwards to Mother Earth, upwards to Father Sky and, most importantly, to the Creator or Great Spirit. You may also offer the smoke to the moon, sun, waters, winds and the Universe. Do whatever feels right to you and whatever your intuition tells you to.​ 

 Proceed With Smudging Space: 

 1. Always start at the back door moving in your house in the clockwise direction- you want to do every room in your home in a counter clockwise direction, focusing on corners, under beds, in cupboards, in closets. Starting at the ground and moving up once complete in the room finish at the window or door to move old out and new in 

2. Home Clockwise, Rooms counter-clockwise finishing at window/door 

3. Start on the lowest level and move up the stories, excluding the room/ area where the front door as that is going to be your LAST place to smudge inside the house 

4. While proceeding through the house in each room/ area you want to keep affirming out loud your prayer/ mantra/ intentions, all while keeping in mind negative out positive in! 

5. When finished and at the front door be sure to smudge the 4 corners inside then outside. 

6. Be sure to close off the ritual/ ceremony with a thanks to the guides that helped and whatever words resonate with you best (ie. So be it, So it is, Amen, Bless be, etc.)​ 

 Proceed With Smudging Item Or Possession: 

 1. Begin with a prayer and set your intention. 

2. Hold the item in your hand or set it on the ground or table 

3. Begin by wafting smoke underneath the object so that the smoke covers it from below, than swirl the smoke around the object several times; continue until your intuition tells you to stop or until the sage stops smoking 

 4. Be sure to close off the ritual/ ceremony with a thanks to the guides that helped and whatever words resonate with you best (ie. So be it, So it is, Amen, Bless it be, etc.)​ 

*Please exercise extreme safety, you are working with fire and smoke- never leave unattended, never do in areas that don't allow open flame, ensure there are proper extinguishing methods present in case of an emergency.    






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